June 10 2009

Editing Road Blocks

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wrongwaygoback0197A few months back I came to a big road block with my novel. After discussing, trying to rewrite a scene in my manuscript, and MORE discussing, I decided the only solution was to move an entire chapter. AN ENTIRE CHAPTER!!! Here I thought the revisions on my first draft would be all grammar and spelling. Oh no, this is Marybeth we are talking about….Break out the full plot changes and chapter moving. No need to keep it simple or anything. That would be way too easy! Who would want to leave all the pain and suffering to the query letter alone?

Tell me dear friends. Have you ever made a large change like this after you considered your novel to be complete? Was it as thrilling for you as it was for me? Did you find yourself thoroughly questioning your own sanity as I did? What big changes have you made to your work in progress?

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