June 11 2009

How to decipher Agent Responses…and Crit Groups

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rejectionAfter 11 consecutive rejections and one MS request still swimming out there, I’m beginning to wonder if there is still much work to be done. Something is not working to get agents attention. One agent mentioned she liked my query, but my sample pages did not grab her the way she had hoped. The rest were sadly and unfortunately mere form rejections. I have 13 more queries that have not yet been responded to and I can’t decide if I want to wait a couple more weeks before I completely revisit my strategy or if I should just give in and start now.

The word on the street is that Crit Groups seem to be real hot stuff lately! I’m not so sure what I think of them just yet. I’m nervous to think about a group of people tearing my novel to shreds. However I am starting to believe it may be necessary. I love my friends and family dearly, but not a one of them disliked my book. I’m starting to feel they may have a biased opinion. (That or they are so terrified of upsetting me that no one has the guts to tell my it sucks!) But how can you trust a Crit Group? How do you know whose advice to take and whose to ignore?

Then there is always the ultimate way to find out if or how much your book sucks, just let your husband read it. He’ll tell you how it is! LOL

Ever been to this point? How did you proceed? Am I being presumptuous and impatient? Lend me your thoughts!

(Side Note : While searching for the right pic I came across this website and it made me feel slightly better about my own rejections! Rotten Rejections)

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