June 15 2009

I think I missed something!

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cart-before-horse-2Saturday morning I woke up and the ideas were sitting the front of my head screaming at me, “Get to work woman!” I am not sure where they came from, but once again they were there and I couldn’t get rid of them. I HAD to document them, had to write each one down and make sure I didn’t lose them. To lose these well formed thoughts would be a tragedy!

So I grabbed my pink pen and notebook and let the words flow from the shiny pink ink. Here is what I accomplished…

The end of the second book.

The beginning of the third book.

And a little bit of the middles for both.

Is anyone seeing a problem with this? I think we are missing a bit of meat here!!! Well in retrospect I now have some new ideas to work around. It’s nice to have some clear concise thoughts about where this is all going for Paige. Now I just need to figure out how she is going to get there.

Has this ever happened to you? Is there just something about Saturday mornings that just gets the brain juices flowing?

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