July 20 2009


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After an entertaining dream about parallel universes, my old house, and some pretty funky stuff I was slammed with some wonderful ideas pertaining to a novel I had thought up a couple months ago.

I spent the majority of the day working on it yesterday. Here is what I accomplished…

  • An amazing back story. I have an entire history created. The best part about it is…no one but me will probably ever hear it! But it is very necessary for my story. There has to be a reason for everything happening…and without the back story that can not happen.
  • A time line. The history is complicated. (That is partially why I adore it so much) It all revolves around a certain time line of about 50 years. There were births and deaths that needed to be plotted before anything else could happen.
  • I had already written the prologue awhile back, but once I wrote the entire back story, I realized it needed a little bit of help, just a few tweaks to be exact. I still think there are some spots that could use some flesh, but I haven’t decided if I want to yet. (Not out of laziness….other reasons of course…) So for the time being, the Prologue is complete!
  • The first page of Chapter 1. I started to do this before I realized that I could not move any further until my characters had….
  • Names! I don’t know about you, but I HATE naming characters! My MC – Alexis Foster – was fun to name. Her name was not chosen because I liked it…it was chosen because it was necessary! (But I do like it too!) But her name was chosen the day I thought up the novel. So yesterday I had about 20 other characters to create. I broke open my baby naming websites and websites that gave me the popular names for popular years, then I went even FURTHER and looked up the meanings for the names that I chose, well at least for the main characters. I wanted their names to FIT their personalities perfectly.

For one days work I was very productive!!! Just think what I can accomplish in a week! (Probably only half that amount! LOL)

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