July 02 2009

I feel like my novel wants to break up with me!

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I read the BESTbreak-up analogy towards writing a novel this morning. Seems like everyone these days is comparing it to being in love or being single or anything that has to do with the wonderful world of LOVE.

Well I think my novel wants to break up with me. I can hear the five versions of Chapter 1 surrounding me with their antagonizing comments about what a mess I have made out of them! Just imagine what will happen when I print out Chapter 2!!!

I just know my book is sitting back and saying, “Um yo, listen Dawg.” (That’s right, my novel speaks like Randy Jackson…doesn’t everyone’s?) “Ok so Dawg…Chapter 1 was really starting to come together for us, but then you changed things around and removed all these words and now I’m just not so sure this is working out. And don’t even get me started on Chapter 2. Did you even KNOW what you were trying to say there? I think maybe it’s time we took a break, maybe see other people…..”

But I’m not convinced that I should give up on the relationship. After all…I created this mess, I should be able to clean it up….right? Maybe we just need some “Couple’s Counseling”!!!! It worked for Ben and Andy… (How to lose a guy in 10 Days….) Sigh! Do you think my book will go for it. Do you think it still loves me? Because I’m really not so sure this week. Maybe if I just avoid it for a few days it will change it’s mind!

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