October 23 2009

After the Excitement Fizzled…

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I’ve mentioned on my Facebook Page that I have some news to share. I was hoping it would be better news, but it isn’t exactly horrible news either.

Last week I attended The Muse Online Conference where we had a chance to pitch directly to publishing houses and take numerous workshops as well as chat it up with awesome agents such as Rachelle Gardner!

After The Great Toilet Fiasco last weekend (did I mention we still don’t have a toilet in?) I didn’t have a chance to check my email until late Sunday afternoon. Little did I know that a happy little email had been brewing in my inbox since 7am that very same morning.

I had my very first Publishing Contract offer!

Champagne fell from the heavens, confetti got stuck in my nose, and I stubbed my toe half way through the happy dance. (Who put that desk there!)

After the party died down (an entire 2 minutes later…mainly because my husband refused to bring in the petting zoo for the celebration…something about how the goats might attack my gnomes…) I got right to work researching every aspect of the company and the contract. It was big decision time!

I googled, I searched blogs, I googled some more (did you know you can get a street view of a company address….apparently they worked out of their home….a very NICE home!) and went through their website with a fine tooth comb.

There were a couple things on the contract that I was not completely comfortable with, so I wrote them down as questions to ask later. The company did not offer any type of advance and I found that quite disappointing. The main thing I kept coming back to however, was the genre that they mainly published … Erotica.

My book … NOT Erotica

Strike One

I added that to my list of things I was not comfortable with.

After getting together my laundry list I sent an email and asked about my concerns, making sure my book would be published in print being amongst the top of the list.

Their answer … Our company can not make any guarantees at this time that any manuscripts will make it to print. (Or something of the sort)

Strike Two

So I simmered on this further. The images of me holding MY book in my hands were fading and the images of the covers of their books became stronger. (Granted I like me a nice little six pack sitting below some pretty pecs … not really what I had in mind for my cover) I decided to sift through their website once more. One little ad made my decision a bit easier.

“Currently seeking erotica (with a focus on BDSM)”

I am many things … small, snarky, often irritating, occasionally funny, super cute (or so I’m told) and a few thousand other things … but I am not someone who wants to be known for publishing with a company that seeks out ‘BDSM’.

Note that I understand everyone has their preferences and maybe some of you even prefer to read that, BUT I just don’t want to linked to that type of literature. It’s not who I am and it’s not anything I would want anyone mistaking my novel for.

So this coupled with the fact that they were not willing to guarantee me a print run pretty much made the decision final.

Last night I sent an email declining the offer.

I want ever so much to be a published author. I eat it, I dream it, I live it. I just can’t put my morals on the back burner and sell myself to something I don’t believe in.

So where it is GREAT that someone wanted to publish my book … it kinda sucks that it is not going to happen … YET (key word their my friends…key word!)

Now I also mentioned in my earlier post that I also had some fun updates. Let’s not leave those out!

Lansing Online News has requested an interview with me as a local Aspiring Authoress! I will keep you updated for when the article comes out!


They have put me in touch with Bill at Mittenlit.com in hope to get some good advice and feed back, as well as hopefully a spot to advertise my book as soon as it does come out!


My first published website is up and running … OldtownArt.com !!! Check it out, let me know what you think! I’ve also been lucky enough to work on some online marketing for them as well so you can check out her twitter page, facebook page and become a fan!

I’ve been a busy girl! I think it’s time for a vacation!

Italy Vacation-94Ahhhh Italy….What? Didn’t I mention I dream big!

***Note*** I purposely decided not to post the name of the Publisher as not to step on any toes. Sorry for those who were curious. 😉

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