November 09 2009

Thriving on Competition

On my blog today I wrote about my competitive streak. I explained how I desperately LOVE to win…..everything.

Due to this fascination with victory, I have taken a competitive edge while doing NaNoWriMo.

I befriended someone who is keeping up with me and when I noticed today that she is 3,000 words ahead of me I decided I MUST write 6,000 words today so I can be 3,000 ahead of her. That’s what I get for taking two days off.

So this might seem like a little thing. (or probably not) but what you don’t know about this little competition that I started all on my own is that I am already 25% higher than most NaNoWriMo’s. That’s right…I’m clocking in at just under 20K words when I am only suppose to have just over 8K.

Can you smell those dirty socks? Me either yet. (Thankfully)

Now you might say, “But aren’t you putting out some pretty crappy wordage rushing this?”

And one would think that I definitely am….but here’s the thing…

My story ROCKS!

I am at this very moment 100% madly in love with my story and my characters. But it’s not because I’ve poo’d out a bunch of words that mean nothing. It is because in the midst of all this word poo’ing I have also been working out of the Donald Maass “Writing the Breakout Novel” work book to keep my mind going.

So it’s not just that I am competing to get a higher word count, because if I lose sight of the awesomeness of my story I will definitely take a step back. BUT since my story ROCKS….I have another 6K to pump out 🙂

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