December 03 2009

One at a time Please!!!

Last night I woke up to pee (I bet you are sooo happy I shared that bit of info with you) at 4:30 AM…I got out of bed, did the deed and went back to bed. CORRECTION…I tried to go back to bed. Then out of the blue, and when I say out of the blue I mean WAY out of the blue (… as in it had nothing to do with anything I was dreaming about or thinking about or anything … my head hit the pillow and suddenly…)  my mind went ‘boing!’ and I had an idea, a really good idea!

So of course, like all other awesome ideas, I had to wake up and write it down. Now I didn’t want to wake up the husband so I stuck my hand in a drawer and fished around till I found a pen and a crayon. Then I grabbed one of my old journals off the night stand and turned it over. The pen didn’t work of course, so I wrote, in complete darkness, my idea down with crayon on the back of the notebook. I love ideas that come at inappropriate times!

The idea is about a new book I want to write. It’s about a kid who ………… well I don’t think I want to tell you yet! I seriously think it is totally original and I can’t remember reading any books about this and it is awesome and fantastic and I can’t wait to get started.


I haven’t finished the book I am currently working on. I need to focus on this book so I can complete it and edit it and get my queries out there! I love this book!


I love my new idea too. I mean it is a REALLY good idea.

One idea at a time please!!!

So has this ever happened to you? Did you finish what you were working on or did you toss it aside to start the new project?


Am I the only crazy writer here? too_many_ideas

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