August 29 2012

The Beginnings of Novel Writing – A Guest Post

If you are a keen reader and you have always dreamt of writing your very own novel, then why not kick-start that idea now? As long as you have passion and creativity, you will be able to conjure up interesting plots, develop deep characters and manipulate your readers emotions.

There’s no particular way to gain inspiration for writing a novel, it can come at any time and on any day. It could be while you’re out shopping and you pass someone in the street who becomes the inspiration behind a character, or an idea could even pop into your head while you’re playing at or checking your Facebook messages. But rather than waiting for that inspiration to hit you, why not begin to plan out your novel?

The first thing you should decide is which genre you should write in. It’s best to write in the genre which you read the most because this is the style you are most familiar with.

The next step is to try and think about where and when your novel takes place. The environment, atmosphere and setting is sometimes just as important as the main characters themselves. The easy option is to set the story in today’s world in an area you know and love. Alternatively, you can experiment with different time eras or even set it in the future. On the other hand you could create a world of your own just like Stephen King, J.R.R Tolkin and Scott Turow do.

When it comes to inventing your characters, begin by drafting them out; jot down their personality traits, occupation and education, as well as their personal history. You can develop your character by basing them on someone close to you.

Make sure your dialogue is appropriate for the place and time period in which your novel takes place. For example, someone living in Victorian times would speak very differently to how we speak today.

~ Written by an Author who wishes to remain Annonymous

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